Tuesday, November 3

link, the cat tailor

here he helps me figure out a pattern i haven't looked at in over three years. we were beginning construction on three flapper dresses for halloween 2009.

and overseeing cutting out the blue fabric.

and overseeing the aqua fabric.

i love this photo. look at that expression. i love this cat.

somewhere in the midst of the project he gained this red remnant collar. he's still wearing it. :-) i put an aqua one on lexus but she discarded it.

and managing the completion of sewing on fringe on roommate a's red dress.

fringe is tiring business:

aaaaand....tada! roommate a's finished dress. i'm very pleased with it. she looked great. so did friend n. didn't ge ta photo of her in her dress.

and here's the rest of the photo i posted before. sorry mexican martinez i cut you out. :-)

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