Monday, November 9

goshen county

i'm in goshen county in southeast wyoming for the night.... visited five people today for interviews for our upcoming winter cattlemen's edition, three more tomorrow and hopefully back in casper by 4:30 to work at church. it's a very busy week, with these two days in torrington, a day in the office wednesday, a morning at a meeting in meeteetse on thursday, then elk hunting!! going to meet mexican martinez and brother b up there in the big horn basin thursday, then we're hunting fri-sun. i'm nervous, but i'm a pretty good shot so hopefully i don't shoot something and not kill it and we end up chasing it for miles :-P they all have tags and they'll have rifles too, so if i don't quite get it they're there for backup. i'm looking forward to it.

so this managing editor thing is kind of overwhelming me when i think about it too hard. trying to get things organized - jen's sent me a lot of her stuff and i have to file it so i don't lose it or forget about it - and get things lined out and get into a plan. it's going.

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