Tuesday, November 10


so i'm doing all i can to keep things pulled together and get on top of this whole editor deal. it's tough. i haven't flunked yet, but i haven't even really started either.

i'm making every effort to get things obscenely organized so i don't lose them or forget about them. things like news items, article ideas, opinion pieces, editorials...everything jen already had in her files for the upcoming papers.

i've been making contact with our correspondents - new ones - and letting them know what they can do/how to do it. how come they want to start now? couldn't they have talked to jen earlier?

i've started a running list of article ideas. that's what's terrifying me at the moment. running out of ideas to fill the paper.

and all this has been done from the road in goshen county, when most of the last two days have already been filled with eight ranch visits and interviews for winter cattlemen's edition.

i've taken to getting up at 5:30 to work on things before leaving for the office/wherever else i may need to go that day. that gives me a solid hour and a half to get a head start on whatever's impending.

so it's been tough. this is my first week officially in charge of pulling everything together. it's ok. i needed the challenge. i was getting bored, and lazy. this has definitely got my attention back on the job at hand.

we may be a little newspaper, with an extremely niche market, but we work really hard to do a good job, and it's a big job. it will be good to stretch my skills and brain power and expand into something bigger and beyond where i was. it was time for me to grow up a little bit more. in time this will be yet another chapter in the adventure that is my life.

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  1. Don't be overwhelmed! You'll get it all battened down soon and it will be old hat just like your old job got to be. And you're good at what you do, so it won't be long!