Thursday, November 5

just cody

not a lot going on round here, just been in cody the last few days. i have two more sessions of my meeting to go to, then an interview with a ranch couple at 11 who won landowners of the year at the meeting i'm at, then shopping on cody's main street for a while until i need to head south to get to shoshoni by 4 for an interview for a women in ag feature. in november the wyoming women in ag always have their annual conference, so each week we feature a different ranch woman in the paper.

lynn mayfield was last week's that i wrote. her son's name is jace, she has another first-grade son koll and husband justin. they live on the shepperson family ranch at midwest.

oh wait. i think she's going in this week. too many things going on i don't know what's happened yet and what's in the future.

yesterday i caught up with dusty tuckness - a 23-year-old bullfighter from meeteetse who made it to the national finals rodeo, which is quite an accomplishment. he must be really good at what he does, because how they're selected is the top 20 bullriders in the nation vote on the top 10 bullfighters, then they go back again to choose the top four, and from them the three are chosen to work the nfr in vegas. i'm excited for him, he seemed like a really good kid who's taking his chosen career very seriously.

this is him, another day at work:

have i said before how surreal it is to see people that i know on national tv riding in rodeos? i always used to watch them before and have not even a vague idea who they were. now i've met them, or they're friends of friends or i've at least heard outrageous stories about them.

maybe this year i'll have to trek over to the mutton marshall's to watch the finals, because since last year i ditched my satellite tv.

so anyway. after interviewing dusty i went back to the irma and met up with marvin and janey again - good friends of mexican martinez and his family - and met many others who know them, all old rancher types. oh, and horse packer ross from last summer's sheepherder's fair was there too.

what an obnoxious character, but everybody just accepts ross for ross.

so that's my life lately, just doing the usual things. driving around wyoming and visiting with good people and catching up with friends in the far corners of the state.

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