Wednesday, November 25

thanksgiving plans

firstly, i apologize for the lack of photography on this blog of late. hopefully i will change that in the near future.

today we printed the paper early for thanksgiving - here's this week's cover, featuring the meeteetse kid i interviewed several weeks ago who's working the national finals rodeo in vegas, beginning dec. 3! if you have espn, you should watch .

cause since last year i got rid of all my tv for expense reasons and i can't watch at my place :-( so if you do watch, you'll know who one of the three bullfighters is.

i think that's the third paper i've put together, and things went relatively smoothly. maybe this managing editor task isn't so daunting after all...

the him is currently on his way back from uinta county in southwest wyoming. he works for an energy company, mostly hauling equipment around the state for them, and he had to go down there to drop some things off in the uinta mountains, just across the utah border.

these are the uintas, from my trip down there last august:

have i mentioned how much i love mountains? and it's great, because most everywhere one travels in wyoming there's a different mountain range.

so anyway, i'm finishing up work in the office, the him's driving back to town, and then we're off to douglas this evening, to his mother's house, where we'll spend the night and camp out for thanksgiving festivities tomorrow. friend jamie is also driving over to douglas this evening, and the him told me this afternoon his aunt and uncle, lee and carole martinez (with whom i'm good friends) and their sons will be there tomorrow, too. and you know what that means?

yep, friend G will be there. but it'll be ok, it might even be fun. up until a few evenings ago i hadn't mentioned anything to the him about any past involvement with G, but it came up in conversation and he said 'yeah, i had a feeling there was something that had gone on there' and that was that. except he was kind of smug when he said 'but i'm the one that's got you now!'

so that's the plan. sister m will drive over to douglas from lander tomorrow - she's supposed to pick up her mare dixie and take her back west this weekend. last night amidst working at church till 10 p.m. i made apple and pecan pies to take over to douglas to share, and i think they turned out decent. time will tell. i'm always nervous, esp about pies, because i'm very critical of my pie crusts.

another update to follow thanksgiving....

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