Tuesday, December 1

christmas decorating!

how has it already been almost a week since my last post? things have been busy around here, as usual.

over the weekend i did get some time to decorate the apt for christmas.

that's a little bit of what the place looks like these days. i still have to pack the odds and ends back up and stow them back away in the closet.

i also baked a carrot cake on sunday for jody's birthday, which was yesterday and we had cake here at the office along with bbq from sidelines.

the him also traded in his old ('old' being relative. i think it was an '04) gray ford truck for a brand new shiny black one last night, so i was busy helping him switch stuff over, too. it only had 48 miles on it when he drove it off the lot.

also last friday the farm store murdoch's had 25 percent off the whole store, so i bought two pairs of jeans and a 10-cubic-foot wheelbarrow. on saturday i went out and took 40 cubic feet of manure out of april's pen and 20 out of jazz's. jazz's had more that could have been done, but 60 was enough for me for one day. i also saddled april and took them both out to exercise. it was a really nice day.

saturday and sunday i also worked at church, and saturday night i went out to the mutton marshall's for dinner with the him's brother jay, friend jamie and the him's sister-in-law becky. along with dinner we played a little poker and drank a little whiskey.

friday night i went out to the beacon with friend jamie and ended up staying out till closing time. friend rowdy was there, and i caught up a bit with him. he works for an energy company and isn't in town much.

the him was in jackson with brother bob and two others from meeteetse buffalo hunting all weekend. i'm glad i didn't go, cause it sounded pretty miserable. except they did drink the bar out of pendleton saturday night.

today is the first day of a three-day 'range beef cow symposium,' which is held every two years as a joint effort of wyoming, south dakota, nebraska and colordao university extensions. this is wyoming's turn, and it's here in casper, so that's convenient. i'll be attending that this week, pulling the paper together and spending friday in goshen county for (hopefully) the last of my winter cattlemen's interviews. our new girl heather starts next tuesday.

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