Tuesday, December 15

it is (almost) finished

look, here it is, the cover of winter cattlemen's. two months, two trips to goshen county, 14 interviews, a dozen deleted photos later, winter cattlemen's is about to be printed.

at this moment assistant editor h is giving our final changes to layout girl t. it goes to press tomorrow. all two sections and 28 pages of it.

i do think the cover is brilliant, though, considering what layout girl t had to work with. i love the blue and red colors, and the snowflake silhouettes.

now i just have to have three papers planned, written and organized by next tuesday. hooray. i don't love vacation. now i wish we'd just work the week after christmas because this seems impossible at the moment.

wish me luck in the next week. :-P

tonight = second-to-last day to work at church

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