Wednesday, December 16

i like it

my new job as managing editor here at the roundup may be hard. a challenge. the biggest, most long-term responsibility i've committed to in my life. and i may be scared to death at times. and panic at others.

but i like it.

and i know over the past six or so weeks i've worked hard, giving it my very best, and i've done a good job and my takeover of the paper has been successful.

and i like that.

i'm looking forward to 2010. it's going to be a great year. and i mean that.

do you ever feel like you've got so much going for you, that you have no idea why? i never cease to be thankful for where i'm at, the people i know, my job, my animals, my friends. i am especially thankful for my independence, and my resources that enable me to be independent. there's a lot to be said for knowing you not only pay your own way in the world, but that you also make a meaningful contribution.

i think what makes my job even better is that i feel useful. i feel like what i'm doing matters, and it's not just mindless tasks day after day. i have a purpose when i go to work, and it's to keep my wyoming friends in agriculture informed with what's going on in our state, and also what's happening at the federal level that might have an impact on their farming and ranching businesses.

i've said it before, and i'll say it again. i'm happy.

and now i have to get back to writing this piece about all the climate change promises that are coming out of the copenhagen talks that will impact how the u.s. tries to regulate its food production. we're all hoping they don't regulate us right out of business. that would be bad news for people who like to eat.

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