Monday, December 14

it may not look like much, but

this is what i've spent my last couple of hours on. it takes a long time to put that together using InDesign and PhotoShop. or maybe i'm just inefficient.

it starts with a map of wyoming that i bought for sister m when she first left for wyoming in the spring 0f 2006. i bought it at that explore store that used to be in ames between hobby lobby and east hy-vee. i had assistant editor h scan it in for me friday, and didn't have time to put the points on until today.

the points i made in InDesign, then pdf'd them and opened them in PhotoShop, selecting each one and putting it in a new layer so i could drag them onto the image of the map.

here's the list of ranches and various ag operations we've featured in this edition:

Goshen County

Farming, ranching and feeding cattle dominate throughout Goshen County. Listed below and numbered on the map are the ag operations the Wyoming Livestock Roundup features in this Winter Cattlemen’s Edition.

1. Pugsley Ranch

2. Jay Em historic town site

3. Fort Laramie historic site

4. Hageman family

5. Flock Brothers

6. Mike and Gretchen Wollert

7. John Baker

8. Ivan Skinner

9. Teeters family ranch

10. Dinklage Feedyards, Inc.

11. EWC Rodeo Team

12. Torrington Livestock Markets

13. Goshen Veterinary Clinic

14. Western Mall

15. Ag Flyers, Inc.

16. P.D., Skyler and Paige Miller

17. Wyoming Haybusters, Ervin Gara III

18. Randy Steben

19. Greg and Peggy DesEnfants

20. Virgil and Peggy Jackson

21. Archie Johnson

22. Thaler Ranch

23. Doug and Peggy Scheer

the edition is scheduled to print this wednesday and insert in this saturday's paper. this morning i had to write two more articles to fill it, while jen ran down to the county to get photos because the one good one that could have been the cover i deleted in that whole snafu.

so now that's it's 2:30 and i haven't had breakfast or lunch - unless you count a handful of cranberries and almonds - and it's time to get moving on organizing this week's regular weekly. assistant editor h is in wheatland today at a meeting, which will probably make on of my cover articles. otherwise we're featuring a governor candidate, h and p as new staff and the roundup, and i forget what else.

figuring that out will compose the rest of my day. i don't know where the last 6.5 hours went, but they're flying by.

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