Saturday, December 12

a turn in the weather

our bitter cold has turned to intense wind. that's the way it works here in central wyoming. when it snows it's calm and cold, and when it's not snowing it blows and warms up. it's ok, it's what keeps the city people from migrating here.

this week was another intense push to get the paper out amidst the three-day stock growers/wool growers meeting, then another giant push to get winter cattlemen's pulled together. i gave all but three of my articles to tracy last night. i have two more interviews to write, and the intro article, and i have to make the map of all the points where the ranches are and label them. it really turns out pretty cool when i have the time to do it, so i'll be sure to post it on here when i'm done.

last night i had to get going from the office before 6 because the him and i were headed to glenrock, riding with the mutton marshal and wife dorothy, for the him's mother's 70th birthday party. a great crowd gathered over there, including the entire martinez family except friend G. i really like his family, and i get along with all of them just fine.

poor becky. brother bob was grumpy last night and i told her she could stay with me if she wanted. btw - i love becky's hair. it's curly, and she was a blond but it's going to gray now and it's the prettiest mix of the two.

so now it's this morning, and i have to work at the church most of the day. tonight i'm going to take my assistant editor heather for her first trip to the beacon. :-) we'll have fun. pretty sure friend jamie's going to go too, and whoever else i can talk into going out so heather can meet some people.

i realized yesterday christmas is two weeks away. how did it get so close so fast? i've had to be so short sighted with my deadlines lately that i haven't even looked up to see what's coming. :-P

here's this week's paper, with the him on the front page:

he finally made the paper, so hopefully he's happy now. :-)

perhaps today i will have more time to upload some photos, but for now i've got to get going.

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