Thursday, January 7

13-inch LED-backlit widescreen notebook

so at last post my computer was broken...and it was sad...and it never started monday morning i ordered a brand-spankin-new macbook from the wonderful after it's journey from shanghai to anchorage to memphis, it arrived in casper this morning and i am now typing this post on its keys.

it's pretty. and white. and clean. and has a back-lit LED display. and it's fast and smooth. and i love widescreen laptops. a really good improvement apple made on this new model is a thin rubber seal that runs all around the display, so when you shut the laptop the keyboard is completely sealed off so dust and - ahem - cat hair don't get in there to dirty it up.

and there's no thumb buttons to click on. just one big smooth trackpad that has several new navigational features that i can't wait to get the hang of.

i installed office 04 on it already, and i need to put photoshop and indesign on it next.

and i took photos of it, but i'll have to wait till i have more time to upload them.

for now, i need to measure the column-inches of our correspondents for last month and get that to paula so she can pay them.

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