Monday, January 11

national western stock show

this afternoon i head south to denver, colo. for a couple days with assist editor h. we'll attend the national western stock show, more commonly referred to as the denver stock show, and go to an international livestock conference tomorrow. we'll meet up with coworker curt wednesday morning to interview some wyoming cattle people who are showing there. before we come home we're going to hit the cruel girl outlet and hopefully snag some cheap western shirts and jeans.

this will be my fourth trip to the denver stock show - i've been every winter since i've worked for the roundup. it's kind of old hat now, and always a nice mini vacation in january.

my new laptop is working great, i think i've got just about everything up and going on it. i was able to recover the entire hard drive, not sure if i mentioned that yet.

this last weekend was a good one, just me and the him dinking around town and the ranch, not really doing a whole lot. saturday was filled with ice fishing up at the ranch with the him's two brothers and the mutton marshall. saturday evening i intended to go out for coworker paula's 40th birthday....but i fell asleep. friday night i had gone out until 1 a.m. i had headed over there for happy hour at five, intending to only stay till it ended at 6:30, then feed my horses and go home. right off the bat i met up with friends jake and casey and assist editor h also came out.

i should know better.


because before i knew it everyone was arriving and i didn't get out of there until eight hours later...but it was fun, and worth it. and my horses got fed the next morning.

then on sunday... if i can remember... i undecorated my apartment for christmas, rode my horses with the him, because it was warm for once and i hadn't been on them in forever, and then we went to a movie and he took me to poor boy's steakhouse for dinner. it was a good, relaxing day.

so that's about it at this hour. hopefully there will be tales of adventure to tell from our trip south.

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