Monday, January 18

made right

refer to last friday's post, then continue.

today i mentioned to boss dennis that my raise had only been $22 on my last paycheck. he agreed that didn't sound right, and i went out for lunch. i guess he and coworker paula, who does our payroll, spoke while i was away, because paula told me to go see him when i got back to the office.

and, my raise is much more than $22 a paycheck now. comes out to an amount per hour that i feel is fair, considering how many extra hours i put in.

he also noted that if i wasn't single my taxes wouldn't be so much. :-P

i told him i'd work on that.

so the point is that i'm still loyal to the roundup, and they weren't meaning to screw me over, and i'm glad i worked up the courage to go in and talk to dennis about it. i hate doing that sort of thing.

speaking of the roundup, here's last week's cover, that featured my and assist editor h's trip to denver. the main article and the top one are from the trip.

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  1. Ah, so you did get it set right. That's great!