Tuesday, January 19

family photos

so i wasn't sure if friend holly would appreciate me posting these on facebook, but i rather like how they turned out, so i figured i would post them in the less public audience here.

she'd asked if i'd take some time to try to get some family photos while i was in iowa over christmas, so we go together new year's day and, because of the holiday, every last public building on iowa state's campus was closed, so we went to our favorite downtown coffee shop, cafe diem.

this is what turned out, after photo editing.


  1. Hm...I'm not sure about this being posted. But they do look good. Good work!

  2. Say, did you send me that fifth one on here; the one of all three of us that Parker looks scared? I kinda like that one. Was thinking I might use that one for the family one. Particularly if you crop the cute smiley him out of the other family one for his single shot.

  3. Awesome! I love the 1st and 3rd ones. You should seriously do portrait photography on the side, and sell your landscape photos too :-)

  4. Freaking cute. Holly..........you're just so dang beautiful.