Thursday, January 21

vintage kitchens

soooo... with the slow work day today i got to browsing through the 'colour lovers' blog and they had vintage kitchen colors posted, and i followed the trail and ended up at this site, Mid-Century Home Style. it's quite fascinating how efficient the 1940s kitchens were, and the clever storage ideas they incorporated. if i was to build or remodel a kitchen, it'd be along these lines.

and i've always loved the robin's egg blue/red combination, so these first two caught my eye:

in this wood one, i really like the idea of an open kitchen with seating/fireplace/tv at one end. note their 'flat-panel' tv mounted above the fireplace.

and breakfast nooks. every house should have a breakfast nook. the house my family lived in when we were in mt. vernon in eastern iowa had a breakfast nook.

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