Thursday, January 21

a january sunrise

so, since i get to work so frickin early these days, and with the slightly longer days, the sun rises about when i'm driving to work, instead of after i'm already at my desk.

this morning's was fabulous, and i'd left my little red camera in my vest pocket at the apt, and my big camera was at the office. and, with nature of sunrises, i didn't have time to go back out and find a better place to take the photos, so i took them from my office window. this is what it looked like:

when we move to our new office building downtown i won't have such a good vantage point on the hill anymore. right now we can look out and see the mountain and a ways across town. our new office sits down at the low part of town, and we'll be blocked in by trees and buildings.


it'll be within walking distance of the sandwich shops. :-) and friends salon, where i get my hair cut. and the bakery. so maybe it'll be an ok trade-off.

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