Friday, February 26

a beast of a newspaper

well, this week we survived 24 pages that were somehow all filled with the appropriate words. it's not the biggest we've ever done, but it's sure big enough. i don't think assist editor h or myself will know what to do with ourselves when we return to the normal 16 pages.

this week assist editor h wrote about the sheridan college machining dept, the conservation district/nrcs projects out of the buffalo office and the udder quality article, while i wrote the legislative update from this week's wyo farm bureau legislative meeting. i also had to put together the piece on lummis's congressional legislation at the 11th hour this morning.

and that's just what's on the cover :-P there's lots inside.

24 again next week.

p.s. it really bugs me that this image won't center when i publish the post. 

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