Tuesday, March 2

busy times

it's been a little while since i've had a chance to post anything. the weekend was full, with going out friday night with a group of people and the him, then heading out to the ranch saturday - and taking puppy lucy to see her sisters and brother, then going to a concert and socializing at the beacon till late saturday night, then going to breakfast and loading furniture and driving to douglas sunday to unload it at the him's mother's house, and bringing a dryer back for me to use. then heading out to feed sunday evening and remembering i still needed to finish cleaning the roundup office.... it was busy, but a good weekend and got to visit with a lot of people during those evenings at the beacon.

and yesterday was pretty busy gearing up for another 24-page paper this week. assist editor h and i have got a good start on it, though, and it should come together ok. and maybe next week back down to 20? that may to too much to hope for at this point....

here are some photos of lucy out at the ranch. becky's come up with several great names for the two females they're going to keep - like annie oakley and cattle kate - but bob has vetoed them all. so now the runt's just 'runty' and i don't know what they call the whiney spotted one. hopefully they get christened before 'runty' sticks. the male is headed to cody soon, i think.

and here are some photos on concert night at the beacon:

above: me and the him waiting patiently for the show to start. we got all cleaned up and got to the beacon by 5:30 and the show started at 7. before that we'd come in from the ranch, fed the horses and looked after the pup and went to eat at old chicago. during the concert we sat with friend D and the tire guy mike, as well as assist editor h:

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