Tuesday, February 16

birthday gifts

so this year i didn't get a whole lot for birthday gifts on my actual birthday, but these are the few that have trickled in and i have many more good ones to look forward to, like my spurs from the him, and a custom string cinch with my brand on it, made by a woman in utah, from sister m.

i also receive the customary visa gift card from the roundup staff, which is always anticipated and appreciated. i haven't spent it yet... seems like things like that should be spent carefully and meaningfully. i think there's also a package in the mail from iowa friend h, which i'm looking forward to. i think maybe my parents are sending funds along with which i can purchase the much-wanted photo printer??

on my birthday the him gave me this simple and sweet card. he chose well with the image of the cow dog.

***** TIME OUT FOR PUPPY UPDATE: on the weekend of feb. 27 i'm going to look at the litter of red heeler pups, and hopefully pick one out and pay, and two weeks later i will bring her home. i think i've actually got a name for her, one the him thought up. since my kittens are 'l' names - link and lexus - he suggested i name her lily, and i think that will suit her just fine. feminine, but not too prissy. ok, back to regularly scheduled post ******

he also included this magnet, in all its valentines cheesiness, that made me smile:

on sunday, when we returned from our trip around the state, roommate a stopped by with a gift, and she chose to go with a no-brainer:

and thursday when the him and i met up with the group for dinner at the beacon, friend jamie also showed up with a gift bag, and she also chose to go with a no brainer:

you'd think these people know me or something. or maybe jamie's had to do with that oreo package she brought ice fishing that one time. between me and her 11-yr-old son kolby it was gone by evening... and roommate a's had to do with the 10 empty pendleton bottles now collecting atop my kitchen cupboards.

for valentine's day the him bought me this bill gollings print from the buffalo bill museum gift shop in cody. gollings is an old time wyoming artist, and one of my favorites. it awaits a matte and frame from hobby lobby.

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