Monday, February 15

the new development

so, as most males in wyoming and through the ranching community, the him chews tobacco. i've never tasted the stuff, but they do it when they're bored, when they're stressed, when they're socializing or relaxing. i don't know if they really need a reason, kind of like most people - myself included - drink coffee.

but, today the him surprised me and said he wanted to quit. i guess it's been giving him bad heartburn lately, which is a good incentive. naturally, it did concern me, but i wasn't about to tell him he had to quit, because i know how it would go over if he told me i had to stop getting coffee in the mornings, in the afternoon, at rest stops, and sometimes simply because i pass by good coffee places around the state.

so we'll see how it goes and if he'll stick with it. from what i've heard from others, if they can do without for a couple weeks, they're good to go. one of his last texts said he was eating dried apples instead, which seems like a pretty good substitute to me!

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