Monday, February 1

the weekend

this was the sunrise at 7:15 a.m. friday morning as i drove down I-25 to cheyenne. i think i was in the wheatland area when it finally broke the horizon.

and this is the moonrise that same day, taken from out at the horses. i was sad the shadows and craters wouldn't show up on my camera, because you could really see the texture on the moon that night. it was very pretty.

saturday morning the him came and picked me up and we went out to chop ice before going to get brother b and friend nick, who were also going to the bit and spur maker in riverton. well, obviously the him chopped ice and i took pictures.

one of brother b's horned cows.

a few of the cows out at krieger's and i'm not sure whose sheep those are.

the trip to riverton went well. i ordered a basic pair of spurs with my C } brand in silver overlay on the band and a pretty flower and leaf filigree design will decorate the shank in silver, as well as a matching silver flower on the button.

brother b's spade bit was done. it's very pretty, with a lot of silver inlay and conchos. the maker wouldn't let him take it until he found suitable rein chains for it, and brother b was quite disappointed. friend nick also ordered a bit. the him's bit is in the works, and brother b's spurs are also in the works. the spur maker has a lot of business from the association. my spurs i'm hoping will be done in march sometime, in time to start riding this spring.

last night the him and i were making a wishlist for our next pairs of boots. we had gone to boot barn and murdoch's that afternoon, looking at boots. there was a pair i liked at murdoch's, but i had just purchased a new phone. this is what i bought:

so far i like it. i stick with lg's because i've had good luck with them lasting a long time, and i'm familiar with the operating system. the all-touch screen threw me for a loop, and the him experience my frustration with trying to scroll without clicking on things last night, but i think it's getting better. i ordered a red silicone case for it this morning, so that'll make it not so slippery and protect its corners. all my electronics eventually end up pretty beat up.

so anyway, i didn't buy boots yesterday, but these are the ones i think i'll have our tack shop person susan order for me: pretty blue boots (i couldn't get the image to save to my computer)

yesterday the him and i also attended highland park church with friend kelly, assist editor h and her friend. the late service was quite full, and it'll be nice to have the new church building to relieve the pressure.

this week i travel to worland for a couple days, in part to pick up the majority of articles for our spring planting edition, which will run the week i'm taking two days off for the rodeo in idaho. hopefully this week's paper is only 16 pages.... that 20 pages last week went off surprisingly well, but filling it two weeks in a row would be a chore.

shhhhhh..... don't tell anyone i put bailey's in my coffee this morning before i came to the office.

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  1. Hahahahaha!! Bailey's in the coffee!! That's awesome :)