Tuesday, February 2

putting in an order

today i put in a call to friend francy, who lives west of town near the mutton marshall, and whose female red heeler had pups four days ago. seven total, four females and three males, all red.

i've got a female on reserve. :-)

i suppose i'll give her a call and mosey over there in three weeks and pick one out, then go pick it up in mid-march at six weeks old.

the him and i were just talking - wouldn't it be kinda cool to put a white freeze brand on a red heeler? i'd probably never do it, but it'd look pretty neat.

it's the perfect time of year to get a puppy. it can grow a little bigger in the remaining winter months - which will stretch through april - and about the time it gets warm out it'll be big enough to go along when we ride and start getting the hang of things. after all summer getting out with the cattle and learning to work - the him says brother b's dog sassy, also a heeler, is good for starting pups - it'll be well disciplined and house trained and grown up a little before winter sets in again.

and if i start her on cattle now she'll be useful and know how to work when i start getting my own cowherd put together.

and, since she's a heeler, i'm determined to keep her well socialized through her formative years so she doesn't end up like friend D's female heeler, who he can't take anywhere.

so that's the latest.

aren't red heelers pretty:

i'll keep you posted. :-)

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  1. Awww, a puppy! I definitely want to see pictures :-)