Wednesday, February 3

worland, wyoming

not much to report today... attended two sessions of WESTI Ag Days this morning, and am skipping out on the rest of them. :-)

at noon i'm headed to bryant honey, a local family bee business, for a february feature article in the paper. then after that i'm headed back to collect the roundup's booth, which features samples of our publications, and leaving town to get back to casper. it's 40 in casper right now. 23 in worland. i'm ready to get out of the basin. it's cold here! 3 degrees when i left the hotel this morning.

i finally got the wolf litigation article figured out and written, although i might tweak it after going back and reading it again. after that i've got a couple more things to write for this week's paper, so tomorrow will be a full day in the office getting all the details finished for this week, like news briefs, which are usually time consuming. they're generally around 200 words each, so that means boiling down press releases to the nuts and bolts, and just finding enough of them. tracy generally uses 1,800 words of news briefs in each paper. that's a lot of random news to find! thank goodness for the internet and google.

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