Tuesday, March 9

evening at the ranch

last night i traveled the 50 miles out to the grazing association with the him. the back way is 10 miles shorter, but they got a lot of snow out there in the last week and it's drifted in. his brother b and becky were gone to meeteetse and cody, so it was up to him to look after the livestock. we were about to the ranch when i took this sunset photo from the highway, before heading down the dirt cut-off and dropping down into the headquarters. 

i went with him because it was a good chance to get out of town and away from my small apartment for the evening. it's quiet out there, and dark. we enjoyed beef roast sandwiches for dinner and really didn't do a whole lot except hang out and watch my little lucy puppy and the queen of the house chiquita run in maniacal circles around the coffee table.

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