Monday, March 8

the weekend

it's been a few days since i've had a chance to post... this weekend was full of match bronc riding, shopping for new truck tires, going to a flea market, a baxter black show, going to the beacon, checking cows, running errands at the mall and hanging out with the him and sister m.

it was a good time, and good to see my sister again. she went to baxter black with us and took the loveseat i had bought at my favorite thrift store, odds and ends, back to lander with her. this last week when assist editor h and i went to odds and ends i bought a matching set of basic white lamps and shades for eight dollars each.

my sister's dogs, miles and chip, also came to casper to visit, and new puppy lucy wasn't really a fan of how big they were. when we went out to let my horses out on sunday she ran around with them a little bit, but she was still intimidated. that, and miles would get after her with a sharp "woof" whenever he thought she was getting too whiny.

this is me and sister m and the gang out at the horse barn:

and lucy has continued to be a well-photographed dog. here are a couple shots i took over the weekend.
since she's getting older she's turning into a little turd. but at least she's still cute.

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