Wednesday, March 24

green kitchen

this is a photo i've been meaning to share for a while. i apologize that i lost track of where it came from. i love the bright green with the white accents in this kitchen, as well as the open shelves and the small bar mounted under them from which the utensils hang. i'm not sure what's going on with that mini burner set and the little white pot - maybe it's a setup for a bar? or just a tiny apt kitchen? at any rate - i love the colors.

i wouldn't be able to do this is my new house, though, because the color's a little too bold and contemporary for the mustard yellow that's more country-ish in the living room, to which the kitchen is open. also, a bunch of the trim, like in the dining area, is painted a dark green, almost a forest green.

that, and all my kitchen utensils and appliances and accents follow the kitchenaid red theme. 

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