Wednesday, March 24

four weeks

that was then:

the day assist editor h and i went out to friend francy's house to pick lucy out of the litter of seven pups... she was not even four weeks old yet.

this is now:

i've had lucy for four weeks yesterday, and i took this photo on my phone right as we got to the barn to feed the horses after work. yesterday was the cold, wet miserable day, and she's not a fan of it being wet outside, but the horse barn is enough higher in elevation that there were several inches of snow accumulated there compared to the office, and she was more than willing to get out and run around in it.

i love how her goofy ears are almost trying to stand up now. for a while i wasn't sure if they'd stand up at all, but she's working on it. their half-flopped state gives her a lot of character, and makes it hard to take her seriously.

both photos were taken on my lg chocolate touch phone. the top photo isn't anything special because i was driving at the time, but i like how sharp the bottom one is. i'm very impressed with the quality of the camera, and it's easy to operate and change the settings. i like the phone as a whole, except in texting the T9 Word works a little different on it from my last lg, and i liked the last one better because it'd remember new words you typed for future use.

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