Friday, March 19

march 20

here's the cover of the 28-page paper. it looks nice, i think layout girl t did a good job. and assist editor h took the lead photo, which made a nice feature photo for the cover.

now i get to start stressing about the march 27 edition, which features another bull test in montana. at least it should have more results to fill more pages..... but still stressing. we'll have a 16-page special edition and a 20-page regular weekly. tomorrow i'm coming into the office to help coworker j and layout girl t design ads for the edition, as well as do an interview, whose story will go in the special.

i've got a lot of stuff started for next week's regular weekly, so we'll see how successful i am getting a hold of people for information. there's one on what the beef checkoff is doing for 'earth day,' one on how the enviros are in trouble with the blm in idaho and another on a ranching couple in northeast wyoming's powder river basin, and how they recently won an argument about whether or not coalbed methane discharge water should have been allowed to flow across their land. yes, that is a small part of the troubles ag producers face in a mineral-rich state with much extraction.

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