Monday, March 22

not much of a weekend

so here we are, monday morning's already almost over, and we're hard at it. working on our midland bull test edition first, for which the editorial is due by noon tomorrow, ideally. it's been a fight to get the information and interviews, but it seems to be coming together. somewhat.

following finishing this special edition, we've got the 20-page regular weekly to fill.

this last weekend i spent part of both days at the office, helping put together ads for all the consignors who had bulls in the test and are selling them at the sale in early april. but it wasn't all work and no play, as the him and i hung out for a little bit yesterday, including red lobster with his sister and her kids, a movie and ice cream. and for saturday lunch publisher d brought me and jody take-out from olive garden, and that was much appreciated.

and now i must get back to work.

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