Friday, April 23

1406 South Lincoln

as of 4 p.m. this afternoon, april 23, 1406 south lincoln in casper, wyoming, is listed in my name!!

after signing my full name - christine l hemken - about 93485723486584376 times, the paperwork was finished and i was handed the keys!

it's very exciting!

if it wasn't 13 degrees and foggy and low clouds and windy and misting this evening, i'd be tempted to take a load or two of my boxes over. but it's nasty out, so i'll hole up here at the apt and pack some more and drink my pendleton and pepsi and listen to my country music and chill with my kids - link, lexus and lucy. seriously, there were snowflakes when i came in from feeding the horses a half hour ago.

after closing the him stopped by the office to congratulate me on his way to thermop to brand calves. then i went and met up with friends jake and casey, and friend jake and i went over to the beacon where he bought me a congratulatory drink. and happy hour, so it was times two!

and the other good news? friend jake offered to keep my horses at his place for a quarter of what i've been boarding them for the last couple years. combined with my old rent of $640, that savings will more than equal my monthly house payment. that, and my college loan is about paid off, so in a few months i'll have that extra cushion, too.

if that's not an outright approval from the One who really matters, i don't know what is.

i'm happy with the purchase. it was time to move on to the next step in my life. this is sure a year in developments! new boyfriend, new promotion, new puppy, new house. i suppose a new gooseneck horse trailer would be too much to ask. that might have to wait for 2011. :-)

oh, and i also get to snack on cracklin oat bran while i pack tonight, thanks to the generosity of friend holly from iowa. she found some on sale, and it was our old-time favorite from college, so she sent a box to me. very thoughtful. :-)

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