Monday, April 26

sunny kitchen

this morning was the second morning i've been in the new house. while yesterday morning was cold and gray - it snowed - this morning had a hard frost, but it was clear, which meant i got to see how well the sunrise lights up my kitchen.

although there's more to put away and unpack for the kitchen - it claimed the most boxes, by far - i have plenty of cupboard and drawer space left, and i'm very much enjoying spreading things out. last night i spent some time making sense of my countertop essentials, like the kitchenaid mixer, coffee maker, bread/snack box and microwave. i'm pleased with how it's all coming together, and look forward to have the place picked up and put away.

i have photos of the piles that occupy the rest of my living space, but i'll leave those out and just show you the final product.

sister m came over to casper saturday morning and stayed through sunday morning, which was a big help. we loaded and transported five pickup loads on saturday, and had some help from friend jamie and coworker jody on sunday afternoon with two more loads. all that's left to get in the apt is the washer and dryer, which the him will help me with tonight.

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