Friday, April 2

colors i like

so here we go again with a color post on the blog, but there are so many unexpected and pretty combinations that i can't resist.

these all came from the colourlovers blog, which i love to visit.

the top two are pretty similar vintage combinations, while the bottom is more modern combination.

i notice the common theme is they all have orange running through them.... i've always liked the color, that and yellow and red, but i've never been brave enough to put orange in my interior decorating scheme. perhaps i will take the plunge in my new house... as my kitchen is pretty much themed straight red, i could add in the orange and green, perhaps? or my living room has a lot of green, so i could add orange and red? except those walls are mustard yellow... that might not work.

i like the idea of the blue jean wedding colors, esp the blue bridesmaid dress with the orange top boots. there's a chance to finally show off colorful tops! that, and i think that bouquet is really pretty.

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