Friday, April 2

meredith culbertson

i just received a call here at the roundup office from an 84-year-old woman named meredith culbertson, who lives in a retirement community in southern california.

apparently she had been mistakingly receiving a roundup paper that was supposed to be delivered to another member of the community. when she found out the rightful subscriber, she let them know and they changed the address to their own. but since then the rightful subscriber has been hand-delivering the paper to her when he's through with it.

now's she's decided to get her own subscription, and she said she just loves our lee pitts column - the cowboy humorist - as well as the column that prior editor jennifer now writes bi-weekly. she says she knows nothing about the cattle business, but is learning about "a whole new world" because of the mistaken newspaper delivery.

it's not much, but a simple phone conversation that gives a hint at the unexpected individuals that read our paper. along with the readers intimately involved in producing cattle here in the state, we've got the meredith culbertsons who we reach out to with our news and information, and i'm glad she can get a glimpse of the week-to-week concerns, happenings and features of agriculture in wyoming.

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