Thursday, April 1

just a thought

we need to keep leftover margaritas in the roundup office freezer more often, for afternoons such as this.

i think we all needed that.

it's a thursday afternoon, the paper is done and we have the proof here, but i'm not ambitious enough to get through it. i'll go through it, checking for typos, misprints and missing items in the morning. after three of us here in the office go through it, one of us, usually assist editor h, calls up our layout girl t, who lives north of town on a ranch, and gives her the changes, which she enters into the master indesign document before pdf-ing it and sending it to the printer.

then the other odds and ends i have to do tomorrow morning, since coworker jody is going to see her mother for easter weekend, are building a few sale reports from wyoming auction barns and putting together the markets summary for the week, which can be confusing but i've done it the last couple weeks to familiarize myself with the process.

for today, though, i'm just ready to leave the office. i've officially run out of steam.

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