Thursday, April 29

a long to-do list

today puppy lucy and i travel to lance creek for two more horse edition interviews. i intended to not cut it so close with the deadline, but april has been a very busy month. no sooner did we get done with bull test editions and large papers than we had to turn around and start on horse edition, and it didn't really help matters that i took that long weekend for the pocatello trip. and i bought a house. and moved.

last night i spent several more hours cleaning the apt, going home about 9:30, and it's still not done!! it turned out to be a bigger job than i thought, and it doesn't help that i don't know how particular the office staff will be at closing. i don't like the new office staff, so i'm suspicious they'll try to screw me over.

so i didn't get my  laundry machines moved over last night. maybe tonight? and i have to move all of roommate a's stuff out of the garage, too, thanks to the not-so-nice new office staff that wouldn't let me just leave it there another month.

the photo is of the kids, this morning, as i was working on newspaper stuff with my morning coffee. it looks like they all get along, but it's not always so peaceful. :-)

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