Wednesday, April 28

friend jake's place

so this is where my mares live now - out west of town at friend jake's. the evening we dropped them off was really nice, and i haven't seen them since! it's a little strange to drop out of the daily routine of going to feed them after work, but then not a whole lot is the same with my routine these days.

today is a day in the office, to spend writing and organizing this week's paper and finishing up some horse edition articles before heading out for a couple more horse edition interviews tomorrow in eastern wyoming.

and tonight is washer and dryer night. the him will help me get the machines from the apt, putting my pretty red washer in the basement of the house and putting the dryer and existing washer in the garage for sister m to pick up at some point.

and it might be piano moving night, too, as the piano was left in the house at assist editor h's request.

it'll be nice to have everything all settled and in one place once again, and be able to relax and enjoy the house. last night i was cleaning at the apt until after 9. it's not done yet, and is a bigger chore than i anticipated.

at least i have all my food at the house now!

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