Friday, April 16

new lucy post

so it's been a little while since i've updated you on puppy lucy.

my office is now her playpen, and she has all manner of toys that various people have given her, or those she's just claimed as her own without asking questions.

her newest fun thing to do is shred newspapers, as evidenced in the photo. the teddy bear was given to her by coworker paula (don't tell her fiance - it was a part of his valentine's gift this year). the yellow blanket came from coworker jody when she first arrived as the lil' four-week-old pup. the yellow duck came from ross - they have great discounts on dog toys there, like two and three dollars per toy, compared to other stores where they're $10. the orange jacks were donated by her cat brother link. actually, he'd be upset if he knew she'd overtaken his office toys.

and her camera bag isn't even in the photo. it's an old one prior editor j left behind, and it was the the lower shelf of a bookshelf here in my office, and she loves that thing. there are so many corners and pouches to grab on to, and don't even get her started on the shoulder strap....

i bought her a new collar from the farm store murdoch's before we went to pocatello last weekend, because i'm pretty sure she would have outgrown the old one while we were gone. speaking of - that was also donated by link. the him is pleased that now she's getting her own dog stuff and no longer has to have hand-me-downs from the cats.

and speaking of pocatello - the him just now found my missing red camera in his truck, so i'll have a few photos from that trip.

last night lucy and i went riding with assist editor h and her two dogs. we saddled up my two mares and did a big loop through the north pasture, covering hills, the crick, a skunk, sagebrush and cactus. i pulled some out of poor lucy's paw. she wasn't a fan. otherwise, h's dogs enjoyed the outing, and both my horses got exercised, so it was a win-win for all parties involved. plus - it was a gorgeously warm and calm spring evening. i'm glad we spent it well.

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