Monday, April 19

curating collections

"Each horizontal surface is an opportunity to curate a small collection."

a quote from one of my favorite design sites - design*sponge. while i like collections, i don't have very many right now, due to space constraints in my small apt. i do have my whiskey bottle collection - in all shapes and sizes - and my small white ceramic creamer collection, and a small collection of green glass bottles. i'd like to find something offbeat but commonplace to start putting together in my new house. perhaps i will have to visit some thrift shops for inspiration.

i've started packing up my apt, and those collections were the first to carefully fit into boxes. that's where working at a newspaper comes in real handy - no shortage of packing material!! i counted up my pendleton bottles. i forget the exact count of fifths i have, but it was at least 10. i have three half-gallons and one 250 ml, along with four of those little bottles that fit about a shot in them, not sure how much they hold. what am i going to do with them? i'm not really sure. :-) but if i ever need a lot of centerpieces i've got the bottles to stick the fresh flowers in.

no packing going on for me today, as i'm in the small town of dubois in western fremont county, located right up against the east side of the wind river mountains. the joint ag committee is holding their spring interim committee meeting here today and tomorrow, and i'm keeping an eye on them for the roundup. talk about uncomfortable chairs!

i still have no pictures to share... i haven't made it to the store to get a new card reader yet....

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