Tuesday, April 6

original town of casper

so.. been a lot going on around here, with a short work week for me since i'm taking thurs/fri off to go to the rodeo in idaho. trying to get everything done for the paper by the end of the day wednesday so assist editor h only has a few odds and ends to finish up. it's spring planting feature edition this week, so focusing heavily on crops in the state.

in house news... i got a call from the bank this morning and the appraisal came out just fine, with more repairs required for the loan, but really minor - and i think kind of unnecessary things - like staining the front deck. and scraping and painting something, i'm assuming the garage, since the house has steel siding.

but there's a nice description of the neighborhood: "central casper is the original town of casper and has most of the oldest homes in the city. large mansions intermixed with good quality single family residences... consistently a desirable neighborhood that is close to downtown and is characterized by mature landscaping and large trees."

sounds like a place i'd like to live. :-)

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