Thursday, April 8


so here we site in the hotel in pocatello, me, the him, brother b and becky. we're drinking whiskey and rum and watching tv and visiting and relaxing.

the drive today went pretty quickly. i got to the ranch at 5 after waking up at 3:30, and we got into pocatello about 2:30. it was a nice drive, with good weather and new scenery once we got to cokeville, wyo. i'd never been that far before. the him and i drove over with the mutton marshall's wife D, who kept her singing to a minimum. :-)

this afternoon we went to eat at the texas roadhouse here, with becky and i enjoying margaritas while brother b and the him enjoyed long island iced teas. after lots of beef was consumed, we were on our way to the rodeo trade show, where i purchased spur straps for my birthday spurs and a new braided rawhide headstall. i had a good excuse for that, because horse april caught my bit on the fence the other week and broke one of mine.

tomorrow we attend the rodeo, and on saturday we'll go to two performances. we also might stop in at a casino tomorrow, and who knows where else. i brought a bunch of information to try to sell some ads for the roundup's upcoming horse edition, so hopefully i can pick a few things up at the trade show when we go back.

my jeans and shirts are all starched, and i have a new navy blue ariat down vest that was originally $70 and i got it for $20, so excited about wearing that. :-)

long weekends are great.....

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