Monday, April 19


apparently persimmon is just to my liking. i've never eaten it, but i'm partial to the 'sliced persimmon' dining set from anthropologie. 

the pattern on the salad plate is my favorite. it'd be fun to get a set of just the salad plates, then mix them with the white stoneware i already have.

the more i realize how much i like red, orange, yellow and blue combined, the more i think i might try to add some colors other than just the red to my new kitchen.

oh the possibilities....

four days until i can move into my house!! the him will be gone branding in the thermopolis area this weekend, but sister m is coming over from lander saturday morning, and will stay the night with me. who knows, we might be ambitious enough to get everything moved over to the house. it'd really help if i can keep packing stuff up the evenings this week once i'm back in town...

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