Tuesday, April 13

a quick update

"a southwest wind of 35 to 45 mph will prevail with gusts over 60 mph. localized wind gusts around 70 mph are possible along outer drive and highway 220 just southwest of casper"

that's what we're dealing with today here in central wyoming. once again another day i'm glad for a desk job. although yesterday i wasn't. yesterday was gorgeous and warm and calm. i spent time in the evening scooping a little bit of my horse pens, and puppy lucy went along on her first horse ride! we didn't go too far, and she wasn't sure about crossing the boggy section of the crick, but she did just fine for being a pretty young puppy.

since getting back to town from idaho i've just been working on getting this week's paper together, and working on making sure we've got our upcoming horse edition covered. assist editor h and i are working on it, as well as two correspondents, one of whom is sister m. the remainder of april looks to be pretty busy, with several out-of-town meetings scheduled, the horse edition deadline and moving! the house is still moving forward as planned.

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