Saturday, May 15

abrupt change in plans

yesterday evening i picked up sticks and branches in my yard, rearranged furniture in my front room and was cleaning up my kitchen, and had no plans for much more than that, when friend jamie called, inviting me downtown to the wonderbar for happy hour.... so i went there and met her... and we visited for a while with some of her friends - her kids' teachers, to be exact... then we went to the beacon... there we talked to friends dejoe, zach and molly briefly, and although the band was good, there wasn't much going on there early... so we decided at 9:30 it would be a good idea to head up to the association and see what the him, brother b and friend buck from meeteetse were up to... so we headed off into the darkness that is the dirt county road between town and the association late at night... about 50 minutes later we pulled into the ranch yard, and sure enough they were still awake, and all the commotion also brought becky and chiquita downstairs to visit a while.

it's a good thing i had pup lucy with me already, so there were no worries with me heading out of town. i unceremoniously shoved her through the garage door and in with the other two pups, and i think she was less than impressed. since we visited until midnight i crashed up there at the ranch, getting up before six this morning, visiting with becky as she made breakfast and getting back to town about 8.

so now i have the rest of the day to work on some house stuff. i've got a mental list of things - especially more drawer and cupboard organizers - that i would like to get to help me in my organizing. today should also be kitchen-shelf-making day. i've been putting it off, because i'm not quite sure what i want, but it must be done.

this evening i'm headed back up to the association because of the stone ranch branding tomorrow. it's been a little while since i've got out of town, and last night it was so quiet and dark up there. it's a nice break from town, and i'm thankful i have a nearby place to go with peace and quiet.

last night before leaving the house i cut some of the tulips that are randomly scattered throughout the front flowerbeds of my house. i figured i might as well bring them inside so i can see and enjoy them! lexus was enjoying them with me.

lexus is a very sweet and quiet cat, who minds her own business and is generally really easy to get along with, except for one thing. when i first got her she'd sometimes hop up on the bed at night, but the slightest movement and she was gone. has that ever changed. now she stakes out her territory at the foot of the bed, and won't move for anything, and if you try to kick her off she gives the most pathetic whines and meows. and if you try to pull blankets out from under her she grabs onto them with her teeth and paws, trying to keep you from taking 'her' blankets.

i put the flowers on my drop-leaf table next to the 'cat window.' it's ideal for them to sit on, because it's got a wide ledge and looks out over our neighborhood so they can see everything that's going on. i don't think there are many things more homey than a cat sitting in the window when you get home. :-) link was sitting there this morning when lucy and i got home. and yes - link and lexus do fight over the windowsill, as they don't like sitting there together.

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