Friday, May 14

ode to zelda

so after puppy lucy chewed the cord on my external hard drive, i found another one yesterday and was browsing through some of my old photos.

this is cat link's sister and littermate, zelda. i got her off my parents' farm before i got link, in spring 2006. i had her for about two months, before taking her home to the farm in iowa, where she met an untimely demise with my aunt's tire in the driveway. she was a character, though. her end came on the fourth of july, and i moved to wyoming that august, so i picked another from the litter, and that is today's link cat, who rules the house and today tends to be old and grumpy in attitude. especially with puppies.

this last photo is her with her litter, one time when we were home on the farm, and i believe the one to the right of her is link.

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