Thursday, May 27

the beginning of the garden

last sunday heather and i went to home depot and picked up a few flowers, but i didn't plant them because it snowed. then tuesday i picked up a few more annuals along with dog food and cat litter, but i didn't plant them because scott and i went to friend jamie's for dinner.

so last night i finally had several hours to work on potting my wide variety of flowers, and it was a gorgeous warm evening. as when i'm at the fabric store or shopping for used furniture, i rarely have a rhyme or reason to what ends up in my cart when i'm flower shopping. i worry about sorting it all out when i get home. sometimes i really like the result, and sometimes it doesn't work so well.

i would have some photos to post, but i didn't realize i forgot to get my camera's memory card back from coworker curt until i turned on the camera at home. i will take some this evening, which might be better anyway after the flowers have a had a day in their pots and the sunshine.

but until then, i'm sitting in a meeting here in casper, listening to the director of the wyoming infrastructure authority update the legislative wind energy task force on a proposed collector system plan in the state. collector systems are needed to transport wind energy from the wind turbines to the large transmission projects that are proposed, and the important part of today will be how landowners will be compensated for the use of eminent domain, or how they'll get paid for having these smaller transmission lines cross their land, since they're not getting any benefit from the wind towers on someone else's land that are spurring the development of new powerlines.

it's not all that interesting right now, and that's why i'm writing a blog post.

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