Wednesday, May 26

a surprise

publisher d ordered one of these statues from drysdales a couple weeks ago, and everyone in the office agreed that we really liked it.

i thought about ordering one then, but couldn't justify the cost at that time. the one in the image here is the one i liked, called 'when beef was wild.' the cowboy has roped the calf, the mother cow's coming after both cowboy and horse, and the cowboy is holding a knife in his hand to cut the rope and let the calf go so they can all get out of there.

i wanted to give it to scott, because he and his brothers and friends are all the time talking about all the ranch and cattle wrecks they've been in over the years - although i have a feeling some of them have turned into tall tales...

so i hadn't ordered it, but since i received that check for my rental deposit, and since publisher d ordered the another one, the one i wanted, and i got to see it in person, i decided to go ahead and order it yesterday.

meanwhile, i told scott that i ordered something for him, but won't tell him what, and received incessant texts on the subject yesterday. :-) it should be here tomorrow, and i'll have him open it, and i hope he likes it as much as i do.

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