Tuesday, May 11

the calm

so here we are, can we say we're already in mid-may? i think the 11th qualifies as 'mid.'

this is the time i've been waiting for all spring - seedstock special editions are done, bull sale advertising is done, i've closed on and moved into my house, my old apartment is cleaned, the horse edition is done, my horses are moved out to friend jake's and i've cleaned out my old hay room and the paper is down to a regular 16 pages.

yesterday was the first day i was in the office in several, because i spent last wednesday through friday at home recuperating from the great sickness, and i barely knew what to do with myself because i wasn't frantically working on my to-do list. now the only thing i need to worry about in the evenings is continuing to put my house together.

last night's project was taking a pair of 16x20 laramie peak sunset prints that the him gave me to hobby lobby and choosing mattes and frames for them. (i found the perfect matte combination after much searching. those things take time and inspiration!) with large frames and proper mounting and a double matte, they will be pricey when finished, but i believe it's worth it to make nice art pieces. especially when one has a real house in which to hang them!! i haven't hung any of my prints or photos yet, because for me that's the finishing touch, the icing on the cake, once i get everything else figured out. i love the mustard yellow wall in the front room - a lot of my western art pieces will look great against it and i'll have to choose carefully which ones to put there.

yesterday i also stopped at big lots on my lunch break, and scored several things for cheap, including a large area rug for $19 that will go in my laundry/project room downstairs. right now it's an old tile floor, and cold and not very friendly. has anybody used those adhesive carpet squares? i was thinking they might be a good fit for that whole unfinished space - the laundry room and furnace area.

at this moment i've lost track of the battery charger for my small red camera, but as soon as i find it i promise i will begin to post more photos again. that, and the place is still in a bit of disarray. such that my mother was prompted to say - 'that poor girl! she needs me to come out there and help her!' :-)

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