Tuesday, May 11

odds and ends

let me take a moment to tell you about my favorite thrift store in casper, affectionately known as odds and ends.

it's one of those great stores that can be relied upon to offer great furniture at reasonable prices. there are others in town, like 'seconds on first,' but she's too expensive, and 'what's in store,' but it's too junky. odds and ends is the perfect in-between, and often when i stop in they have things that i love.

like today, when i stopped in on my lunch break after picking up my homeowner's insurance policy, and i found this wonderful chair that i promptly took to my house and fit in the corner with my new drop-leaf table. this is what i'm making into my 'library corner' of the house, and i really like how it's coming together.

although the chair has a very distinguished gray fabric on it now, i think i probably will change it at some point, if only because i have so many pieces of fabric i've picked up over several years that i absolutely love, and this would be a good place to make use of one of the smaller remnants. 

the purple curtain and the scalloped valance really have to go, but otherwise this is kind of what it's going to look like - only better once i get a chance to do more with it.

this is an east window, so once it stops snowing here in casper the sun will shine in during the morning and it will be quite cheerful for a cup of coffee and checking my email before i start my day.

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