Saturday, May 8


so i haven't been much inclined to write in the past few days, because since tuesday i've had every single cold symptom known to man - and to the third degree. today it's stuffy runny nose. i'm on the second kleenex box.

but, i think i am on the way to over it. was hoping to be back to new by today, but no such luck. maybe tomorrow?

so in other matters, i mentioned to the him this afternoon over text that i was hungry for steak tonight, and he asked where i wanted to go. (he's out at the ranch, was going to rewire my horse trailer today but couldn't because he and brother b didn't want to move it with newborn kittens in the hay manger. cats are very useful and valued around any ag operation - farm or ranch.)

when i tell the him i'm out of pendleton, he drops off a bottle. he texts me at random times and asks what flavor of ice cream i want from dairy queen. he even takes me to coldstone when i ask. he takes me to movies i want to see, and buys me pretty things that i like. he takes me out in the country to places that i want to go, and stops the truck and waits patiently while i take photos of things that catch my eye. he even patiently helps me rearrange the furniture in my new house, and he puts up with my cats without *too much* complaining. for some reason the link cat loves his lap, and whenever the him sits on the couch link moves in to claim it. he has taken to keeping a lint roller at my place, because he can't stand walking around with cat hair on his shirt.

late last summer and last fall when he was trying to get me to date him, he did all these things, and i figured he'd stop trying so hard once i agreed to go out. but no, he's pleasantly surprised me and continues to go out of his way to make me happy.

so, here i sit in my house. i've been working on putting stuff away again this afternoon. you know, it takes a long time to get things put away to where it feels like home. it's a long process. just waiting for the him to get into town to go out and get that steak. i'm very thankful for him, and try very hard not to take him for granted or expect him to do things.

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