Tuesday, May 4


last night the wind blew like crazy. i could hear it all night long in the big trees surrounding my house. this morning it's calm - the wind most always quits when it storms in wyoming - and there's tapioca falling from the sky- you know the big round pearl kind? my porch is covered with it. i'd take a picture to post, but i'd like my new neighbors to think i'm somewhat normal, and i think that doesn't include standing on my porch at 6:30 in the morning in my sweats and zip sweat shirt, taking photos of the ground.

in other news - friend jake called me up yesterday to ask if i wanted him to give horse jazz a morning after shot. apparently she and his young stud colt have gotten pretty friendly, but he's not sure if they actually did the deed. i told him to let it go, and time will tell. we'll know by april 1, 2011, at least. horses gestate 11 months.

these last two days i've been trying to be diligent in chipping away at 'mount boxes.' it's gotten to the point where i'm not sure where to put what's left, so it takes a little time. i did get four of them unpacked last night, though, and my front room is starting to actually look like a living area and not a storage unit.

this ad is for our horse edition, and one that i designed from the scarf photos the him took for me the other night. i first saw one of lois's ads in western horseman, after which i ordered the him a sandwashed scarf for his birthday, and after that she advertised in the roundup's 'christmas corral.' when we were in pocatello recently she was in the rodeo trade show with a booth, and i talked to her for horse edition advertising and she was very excited to run her ad. the him bought me this scarf at her booth, so she said to use it for the ad, as it was one of her newer patterns.

between the him and brother b, i think they bought enough scarves to pay for the ad. cowboys like to collect nice things - scarves, boots, hats, spurs, bits - and brother b says he has a dresser full of scarves. i wouldn't mind if he loaned me some! i've helped myself to several that have caught my eye from the him's collection.

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